Sunday, February 27, 2011

Michael O'Leary's cricket novel republished

A Tingling Catch contributor Michael O'Leary has just republished two of his novels (including his cricket novel Out of It) as e-books.
His website states: “The books Straight and Out of It were first published by his company Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop in the 1980s. The two novels have maintained a cult status in New Zealand literature for their dada and surrealist techniques."
Both books are available from as Kindle e-books.
Six poems from Michael O'Leary's Out of It appeared in A Tingling Catch.

Out of It by Michael O'Leary
(Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop, 2011, new e-book edition)
See also my blog post 'Michael O'Leary's cricket novel to be reprinted' from October last year.

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