Monday, May 12, 2014

Brendon McCullum triple ton poem

This year after being a spectator at the Basin Test, I wrote the following tribute to New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum. What a summer it was for New Zealand's cricketers and fans.


Triple Glory

And there it goes, racing from the bat …
passes point … then runs all the way to the fence,
the joy and future of New Zealand cricket
rising with it. Baz does what no Kiwi could before,

the triple. Now he moves in to the elite of
Test cricket’s triple hundred club. On TV, Crowe
expresses relief that the record has been wrested.
Hogan remembers his snick, and Baz delivers.

Doubters may be stunned, but loyal fans
knew Brendon’s heart was always in the job.
Baz may inspire a new generation like Crowe
and Hadlee before him. The Indian summer

has arrived for cricketers and fans alike.
Just one innings, one moment, is all it takes
to etch a name in history. Baz is there now,
a true captain, and no one can take it from him.

NZ v India, Second Test, Basin Reserve, 18 February 2014

Poem © Mark Pirie 2014

(Published in Valley Micropress, March 2014)


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