Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carol Don Ercolano’s NZ cricket poem

The following cricket-related poem appeared in Valley Micropress (January/February 2011), edited by Tony Chad:


Summer Distraction

Somehow, between the cricket and tennis
I clean the house
feed the fowls
walk the dog
cook the meals

Always eager to return to the screen
I hang the wash
pull some weeds
race to the shops
paint some planks

Back in my chair I’m captured again
by the racket and bat
the roar of the crowd
the dramas unfolding
the joy and despair

by youthful grace
athletic strength
and the flashing white
and yellow balls

Poem © Carol Don Ercolano 2011

(First published in Valley Micropress ed. Tony Chad, Vol. 14, Issue 1, January/February 2011)

Carol is an ex teacher, engraver and business woman. Now enjoying retirement with her husband, Keith, she has more time for her garden, animals, art, music and writing. She is a founding member of a Nelson writing group “The Boulder Writers”  and has had many poems published in magazines and anthologies, including Poetry Pudding, poems for Kiwi kids, edited by Jenny Argante, published by Reed 2007.

Thanks Tony and Carol for permission to use.

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