Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poetic Licence – Nicola Easthope’s cricket poem

Rob Hack’s poetry column, Poetic Licence, in Paekakariki Xpressed newspaper, featured the following poem from A Tingling Catch by Nicola Easthope. The poem is notable for its mention of current cricket hero and New Zealand captain Dan Vettori. The stanza on Vettori first appeared in Harry Ricketts’ How to Catch a Cricket Match published by Awa Press:


How does your sun?

In Alison Holst’s sunset
the sea creams like butter
wind serrates the shallows
on the earth’s warm crust

For Daniel Vettori, the sun
dips over a shimmering pitch
knocks out distant island stumps
spins on towards the clouds

As the sun sets for Mel Gibson
Berocca slips into blue tequila
fizzes like a wave retreating
the night devoid of stars

My sun is a broken speed limit
cycling down Paekakariki Hill
a red disc burning up the town
plunging into the rapturous sea

Poem © Nicola Easthope

(from Paekakariki Xpressed, Friday September 17, 2010, p. 14)

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