Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dominion Post - Nelson Wattie's Karori Park

A poem by Nelson Wattie from A Tingling Catch was featured in the "Thursday Poem" page of the Wellington newspaper Dominion Post today. It's a poem about Karori Park where Wellington club cricket takes place over the summer.


Karori Park

It’s funny how they
wear their whites on greens,
clock bat on ball
and think they’re English.

It’s March. The sun is bright.
We walk into forest shade.
The trees are tall, and fine and foreign
with bark that cracks to show its age.

The floor is brown with dry
and ancient needles,
and in branches above
the sun has disappeared.

When we emerge, the game
is over and white legs
have turned to blue and gone,
while light is fading from their green.

Poem © Nelson Wattie

(from Dominion Post, Thursday 7 October 2010)

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