Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mark Pirie's new poem No Matter What

This year Ila Selwyn invited me to read at Lopdell House Gallery in Auckland. It was a nice event, good turnout. The occasion was National Poetry Day in July. As well as reading for 10 minutes each, the participants also contribute to a hand-crafted anthology of the reading. The book is beautifully made and hand-bound. Each poet has two poems in the book. The following cricket related poem of mine was selected for the book:


No Matter What

She asks me
about publishing books,
and the pressure to
better your last one.

Are there nerves,
are there doubts?

I tell her
it’s like at cricket,
worrying about
your batting average
before you
go in.

Sometimes you’ll be out
for a few
and other times you’ll make
a big score.

No point worrying really,
you just go out and play
no matter what.

© Mark Pirie, 2010

(from Red Tendrils, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland, 2010)

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