Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Tingling Catch on NZ Poetry Society website

Cyril Childs tells me A Tingling Catch appeared on the haiku news section of the NZ Poetry Society's website. Here's the link:

Cricket Poetry Anthology

A Tingling Catch (HeadworX, $35) is an anthology of cricket poetry - the first such collection in New Zealand - and is edited by Mark Pirie, himself a well-known poet. Launched at the [Long Room] at the Basin Reserve in Wellington on October 31, the book includes poems by Kevin Ireland, Brian Turner (well, of course!), Harry Ricketts, James Brown, John Clarke (yes, the John Clarke), Denis Glover, Richard Langston, Elizabeth Smither and David Eggleton.
Also featured are two tanka by André Surridge, two haiku by Tony Beyer and nine haiku (in three sets of three) by Cyril Childs. Howzat!  

cover drive
   the speeding ball
   rearranges the pigeons
         but slightly

- Cyril Childs

grandpa's garden plot
behind the pavilion
staked tomatoes
plump and shiny
the size of cricket balls

- André Surridge

on the sight screen
the batsman appeals

- Tony Beyer

(For readers outside New Zealand, “galahs” refers to people acting the fool. A galah is a pink and grey cockatoo native to Australia, noisy and mischievous. The bird is not found in New Zealand, but the term is.)
(Also for readers outside New Zealand, poet Brian Turner is the brother of former NZ Test cricketer and former NZ Test cricket coach Glenn Turner; John Clarke aka Fred Dagg.)

(From NZ Poetry Society haiku and tanka news page)

Thanks Cyril

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