Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mark Pirie's Christmas poem 'Comedy'

Since it's the Christmas season, I'll post a Christmas poem of mine from last year. It appears this year in the Earl of Seacliff Christmas Surprise 2010 (a free booklet/gift for their friends and clients in the spirit of The Beatles who gave away a free record to their fans at Christmas time). It mentions cricket (naturally) and Bob Dylan.



At New Year,
I often flick between
cricket and Best Albums
lists on Amazon.

In Comedy’s Top 10
Bob Dylan’s listed
for his first ever
Christmas album.

Despite good intentions
to feed the multitude,
even at Christmas time,
it seems the critics

won’t let it pass
them by. Dylan?
Christmas sing-along?
What’s he doing?

The great can’t
escape the carping.
But the poor, the struggling
do escape starving.

Poem © Mark Pirie 2010

Thanks to Brian E. Turner for compiling the anthology.

(From Earl of Seacliff Christmas Surprise 2010, ESAW, Paekakariki)

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  1. thanks for posting the poem, mark, i like the sound in the end, and the word 'carping' -m