Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chris Martin retirement ode

This year saw the retirement of one of New Zealand’s best Test bowlers: Chris Martin.
Here’s a short ode in sonnet form to thank him for his great work for New Zealand over the years.


Ode to the “Phantom”
(Chris Martin)

The Phantom “Tom” couldn’t handle a bat
He wasn’t the brave bunny: that was Chats!
Yet he deserves a line or two all the same;
Quite often he helped us stay in the game.

“Tom” the Phantom was the work horse
Of our team, charted a lengthy course
In his Test career, and came up trumps:
A dependable bowler, quiet, no bumps.

Injuries seldom kept him back. They say he
Was first a Hippie with long hair, but Let it be!
“Tom” took over two hundred wickets
that few will better; he was the man we
all want in our side – admirable to a tee.
His ride’s now over, let me clip his ticket!

Poem © Mark Pirie 2013

Chris Martin (2000/01-2012/13) took 233 Test wickets at 33.81. BB 6-26 v Zimbabwe, 2011/12 season. 10 5wI; 1 10wM.

Chats = Ewen Chatfield

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  1. I'm very pleased you marked Chris Martin's retirement in this way, Mark! Like mush else about his career, he slipped into retirement unobtrusively - but he deserves to be remembered for his bowling as well as the entertainment his batting provided us - I still remember watching him get into double figures for the first and only time in his Test career! - and I'm glad you chose to do so in this form.