Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mark Pirie’s Martin Guptill poem

I hope I haven’t put the kiss of death on Martin Guptill’s excellent season with the bat. He had a rare failure in the Dunedin Test against South Africa just finished.
I published the following salute to Guptill in The Wellingtonian newspaper following his 78 not out in the first T20I against South Africa in Wellington. The innings included two big sixes, one of which landed on the roof of the stadium.
Guptill has certainly been a fine performer with the bat this season and is an attractive stroke player to watch:


Martin Guptill

Guptill is our new star,
He gets the runs by far.
He’ll add by six or four.

Guptill is our new star,
He flashes to the score,
Strokes it clean, hard and far.

Guptill is our new star,
He gets the runs by far.

Poem © Mark Pirie 2012

(From The Wellingtonian, 23 February 2012)

The poem is a French triolet with repeated verse lines.
Thanks to Joseph Romanos for printing it in response to his article on Martin Guptill as a new hero (Wellingtonian, 18 January 2012).

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