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Bibliography of NZ cricket fiction and poetry

I've written previously on New Zealand cricket fiction and now I've finally started to compile a bibliographical list of New Zealand cricket fiction and poetry that I will publish in the new HeadworX edition of Michael O'Leary's cricket novel Out of It (due for publication in early 2012) that I'm currently editing.
This bibliographical list will be updated as more fiction pieces come to hand, i.e. individual short stories. There are a few of these stories archived on the Tingling Catch blog, including stories by Tim Jones, Eva Burfield and John Sellwood. I'd like to thank Rob Franks whose bibliography Kiwi Cricket Pages (c2006) provided me with the skeleton to work from (an acknowledgement to him below):

List of New Zealand cricket fiction and poetry by Mark Pirie [work in progress]

Adult fiction

W.J. Foote, Poetry in Motion: The Tragic Tale of the Pukemanu Prodigy,
  New Zealand’s Greatest 
Slow Bowler, 2003.
Michael O’Leary, Out of It, 1987, 2nd archival ed. 1999, 3rd ed. 2012.

Adult poetry and songs

Tim Finn and the Record Partnership, Runs in the family
  [sound recording], 1995.
Mark Pirie, Slips: cricket poems, 2008.
Mark Pirie ed. ‘A Tingling Catch’: A Century of New Zealand
  Cricket Poems 1864-2009, 2010 [anthology].
Mark Pirie, Tingling Catch [electronic resource], 2010-
Mark Pirie, J. H. E. Schroder’s New Zealand Cricket Poems:
  an essay and an appendix of poems, 2011.
Mark Pirie ed. King Willow: Selected Poems by Robert J Pope, 2012.
Jim Tocker, Songs of a Cricketer, 1983, 2nd ed. 1999.
Arnold Wall, A Time Will Come [New Zealand Cricket Council
  broadsheet, Christmas 1932].

Juvenile fiction and rhymed stories

Tom Bradley, Johnny Whitler and the Mad Cap Cricket Match,
Garry Carter, The Cricket Test, 1996.
Mervyn Elias, The Boy From New Zealand: The Story of a
  New Zealand Boy at an English Public School, 1940.
A. Greenhaigh, Kee-wee Plays Cricket, 1983.
David Hill, Seconds Best, 1996.
Midge Janssen, The Catch, 1995.
Hazel Kreyl ed., Cricket Bat Smash!, 2001 [anthology].
Di Michels, Playing Cricket, 1995.
Lino Nelusi, That’s the Way!, c1998, 2nd ed. 2003 [Niuean
  and Tokelauan language versions].
Dinah Priestley, That’s Not Cricket, 1994.
Alison Robertson, Knocked for Six, 2001.
Sharon Whillis, The Boxing Day Test, 2002.
Barbara White, Time for Cricket, 1991.

(Fiction information sourced from Rob Franks’s Kiwi Cricket Pages: A Bibliography and Reference Guide to New Zealand Cricket Publications, c2006, UK)

Bibliogaphy © Mark Pirie 2011

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