Friday, July 22, 2011

National Poetry Day poem: Space Cricket

Today is National Poetry Day in New Zealand. All over the country poetry events and readings are taking place. I thought I should post for fun a new cricket poem for Poetry Day. So here it is. This year we've seen a lot of discussion and changes to ICC cricket laws such as not allowing a runner for batsmen. Well, in space cricket the catch is something else again.


Space Cricket

[Our roving man on the spot reports
from the new OSPL (Outer Space Premier League]

What is space cricket?

Well, it’s
the new craze
but the catch
is aliens
come on
as subs.

They’re a bit
with the ball,
tho’, they
bowl with their
tails up

It sure can swing,
can’t it?

Yes, but
they only bowl
2 overs, so captains
can choose at
which stage
to bring them
on from
their favoured
pit end.

And the batting

Well, again,
the aliens can
hit too well, they have
special vision,
can pick any
human delivery

They only bat
for 2 overs, then
retire out, unless
all the humans
are out, and then
they can bat on,
last alien

Poem © Mark Pirie 2011

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