Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tony Beyer’s NZ cricket haiku

I wrote earlier on Cyril Childs’s cricket haiku. Two other contributors in A Tingling Catch who write haiku are André Surridge and Tony Beyer.
Tony has several haiku in A Tingling Catch, and he sent me some more to share with you.
Tony writes: ‘My classroom is right next to the main oval at NPBHS [New Plymouth Boys High School] and there have been quite a few home games this season. They also trigger off longer memories (and shadows) of the game -- there can be no other sounds on earth quite like those.’:


loud appeal
boys in the classroom
run to the window


swing and miss
someone shouts advice
from the boundary


no ball
the paceman
revises his run-up


stalled run-up
the batsman adjusts
his wrists


that great season
Crowe Greatbatch and us
in the back yard


dusk on the outfield
still talking
about that catch


beach innings
three driftwood stumps
and a dog at mid on


last over
long shadows
from the fielders’ feet

Poems © Tony Beyer

Thanks Tony

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